White Sorrow is a raw and honest, true story about one woman’s journey from riches to rags through an abusive marriage.

When Andrea met Mark whilst holidaying in the UK visiting family, she thought she had found a promise of happy forever after.

The fairytale ends immediately after the wedding, when the relationship takes a harsh turn into a reality that Andrea could never have expected. The stream of shocking events including emotional, mental and physical abuse will evoke every emotion in the reader. 

From emotional and mental attacks, to unwanted physical advances through to downright cruelty and starvation, White Sorrow tells a story of an abusive marriage's harshness behind closed doors.

How far does one mother have to go to have a future with her children? What can she do to survive?

I didn't have friends because he didn't liked me talking to anyone, including family which I had stopped talking to for complicated reasons given to me by Mark. He didn't liked them calling, he did not like them coming around without prior arrangement. It was what Mark wished for. So I was all alone with my baby....this made me miserable and extremely lonely. 

I thought over it and then I decided. I was 28 and getting older, I hadn't thought of marriage before and he seemed really nice, so why not? Plus I thought it would give me a life of more freedom, which I really longed for. By nature I am a hopeless romantic, so when a situation of love and marriage was intertwined that nature just took over...it took control of me.

Some preview extracts from White Sorrow

My life changed in 2008 when I met someone. I'll call him Mark. Well, Mark was drinking at a gathering in my uncle’s house party and the first thing I noticed was that every time he was offered a drink, he said yes. We were invited to uncle’s house because he was attempting to lift me out of my misery.

It was not long before we started talking; Mark seemed all right and like a decent man. He was a kind looking gentleman, that was my first impression of him. We spoke a lot on various subjects but all these years later, I really can't recall the exact nature of the subject.

Married life continued, there was no change at all. My mind was weakening even before I realised it was. From being a go getter, strong minded, determined person I was changing. I did not even realise it. I was becoming weak, a victim of mental and physical abuse and I did not even realise it was happening to me. My mind, attitude and behaviour was all being reshaped to suit Mark's desires. He was very cleverly keeping me under bondage. Many a time he said no one will want me, I am useless, ugly, and fat and have nothing to offer anyone.   It was mental imprisonment, only Mark held the key. 

A true story of marital abuse and survival

White Sorrow

By Andrea Aviet