Andrea is currently working on her second book, this time a work of fiction. 

Soon to be released, the fictional work is shaping out to be a self help and inspiring page turner; an eye opener into the world of sex, lies, deception, lust and true love. Covering and touching upon relationships, marriages, the art of love making, sex addictions, explicit sexual desires and women’s issues, the book explores the inner most thoughts between couples.

It has something for everyone from bisexual to homosexuality, to gentle love making and forceful passion. It is a book which takes you behind the scenes, never judging someone based upon appearance, for what lies beneath is entirely different. Why do people venture down certain paths? Where does faith come in? What is the source of all our confidence issues, and the certainty about themselves that people lack?

The book demonstrates how to value yourself, and understand the connection between mind and body. The story even delves into the world of prostitution, showing that professional sexual careers do not mean that person is not of good character, in many cases there lies a deeper truth behind it.

Andrea Aviet has really looked at ways at breaking barriers between our desires, reality and the world of fantasy. But for now that is all she is letting out, the rest you will have to wait to read.

Book due to be released October 2017


If you loved White Sorrow, you won't be able to put this one down! 

White Sorrow

A true story of marital abuse and survival

By Andrea Aviet