By Andrea Aviet 

White Sorrow

Welcome to Andrea Aviet's Website

Named after her first book White Sorrow, the website is now expanding as Andrea is putting pen to paper again to write another book. The second book will be to raise proceeds to keep the word going and the positive impact White Sorrow is spreading globally. 

White Sorrow is NOW AVAILABLE TO BUY on a number of online platforms including Amazon for paperback copy, Kindle download, on websites and it can be ordered in book stores around the UK, including Waterstones. Also now available on Ebay - every copy signed by Andrea!


A true story of marital abuse and survival

White Sorrow aims to inspire and motivate women (and men) to not live a life of domestic abuse. The book sales will also generate revenue, some of which will be donated to charities fighting domestic violence.

The author Andrea Aviet is also keen to support events raising awareness of domestic violence - if you are organising something that you think Andrea could help by speaking at, then please get in touch!

Domestic violence is a crime. No woman should have to live in fear of her partner. If you think you may be experiencing domestic violence, you are not alone. Visit or for support