White Sorrow


I am Andrea Aviet. And White Sorrow is my true life story. 

I felt urged to write my book, as I wanted to share with other women what I went through at the hands of an abusive husband and how I survived. 

I hope to inspire, motivate and raise funds for charities that support women and children through domestic violence situations.

My story is one of riches to rags...and then clawing my way back up using my own resources. I come from a well to do family and have had a privileged up bringing.

Having worked hard at school, I gained first a BA then a MA in Political Science. While study for my MA I held a Head of Department position for Australian Open University. My start in life was good and my future was bright. I lived in a large house with staff and regularly attended well to do events in India. I held good positions in large banks and my CV describes me as a commercially driven, analytic, highly motivated professional. 

I came to England on holiday to visit my family, which is when I met a man I thought I could spend the rest of life with.

Following five years of mental and emotional abuse from both husband and his family, alongside having to cope with physical advances from a man that took every chance to put me down, I finally broke free.

I now work as a book controller for a large leisure group in London. I live in my own little cottage, in Croydon with my two daughters both under 6. 

I wanted to share my story with the world to show how easy it is to fall into a trap of abuse, no matter what your background, your intelligence or your nature. It can happen to anyone, and it happened to me.

A true story of marital abuse and survival

By Andrea Aviet